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For expert baccarat players, playing in a baccarat tournament can be profitable. In a baccarat tournment, even the mildly intelligent baccarat player can get an edge in a tournament.

However, there is no disputing the fact that baccarat is a game of chance and there are few decision a player is allowed to make during a game. Anyone wanting to win needs to count on a certain amount of plain olí luck. There is no telling when lady luck will smile on your cards, no matter whether your are playing by yourself, with a partner or in a team.

This also makes baccarat the ideal game. It is possible to increase your advantage by betting on both the banker and the player in certain circumstances and rake in a profit.

Play Free Casino Games - Click here! For example, letís say you are playing in the final round of a baccarat tournament with a grand prize of $10,000. You are playing with a partner and you have been conservative with your betting (conserving your bankroll is a good strategy in a baccarat tournament) and have about $1000 in chips. There is a lucky player who had bet on a tie and is up to $1900. The other players are virtually out of the game.

The tie player makes their last bet. If you bet $1000 on the banker and your partner bets $1000 on the player, one of you is guaranteed to win the grand prize. Your bets will cancel each other out, but you and your partner win the $10,000. Donít forget, to be sure of a win, you need to consider the tie bet as well.

This is not a true story, but is a likely scenario. The basic idea holds for many live action baccarat tournaments. Most tournaments finish with the players who have bet conservatively and then take the lead with a large bet. This profitable scenario occurs often. You can gain a significant advantage by playing with a partner because the other players have to use their own money, while playing with a partner, cancels out each partnerís risk.

Usually, to play a baccarat tournament you need to have lots of cash. Often you play thousands of dollars just for the entry fees and to buy in. Baccarat tournament players often make the mistake of holding off too long on making their big bets. Baccarat only has three options for betting Ė on the banker, player or tie. If you wait to long to make your big move, you run the risk of getting caught in an end round wagering frenzy where all the options are bet on by players with more money, leaving no chance to take the lead.

So now you know how to play. But where do you play? Check out this sample of some of the hottest baccarat tournaments in the world.

Macao Baccarat Tournament

Each March, Macao (a former territory of Portugal) is home to a grand baccarat tournament event that plays host to aristocrats and those who want to be aristocrats from all over the Pacific. The event has become one of the biggest gambling events in China. Grand prizes have been as large at $650,000.

Tournoi de Chemin de Fer, Monte Carlo

February is the time of the year for the largest international baccarat event in the world. High rollers arrive in yachts and jets and play the game made famous by James Bond himself. This Chemin De Fer tournament is a European variation of baccarat and pays out a grand prize of almost a million euros.

Bally's Casino New Orleans Mini Baccarat Tournament

In the South youíll find the biggest American baccarat tournament each month in this famous gaming establishment. On the last Thursday of each month sit yourself down to a table of the hottest baccarat cards this side of the Mississippi. The entry is free and the prize is a cool 10 grand.

If you can't make it to Monte Carlo, or New Orleans, you should try! They hold regular online tournaments for casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and video poker. Visit today.

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