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Baccarat Tips

Donít go anywhere near a baccarat game until you read our collection of baccarat tips. Itís the edge you need to clean up at the baccarat table.

Baccarat is a game of chance and not a game of skill. Still, there is some advice and baccarat tips you should keep in mind that will make your time at the baccarat table more fun and hopefully more profitable.

Baccarat is good for the beginner casino gambler. Anyone can walk into a casino and sit down and play as well as someone who has been playing for 20 years. There is no special knowledge that will give you an advantage at the baccarat table - itís purely a game of chance. However, itís always wise to read baccarat tips, after all, you can use all the help you can get.

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  • The rule of when to draw a third card can be bit confusing, but the rules are the same at all tables and most tables will provide you with a copy of the rules for you to keep.

  • The card that is placed face up on the table shows how many cards will be burned by the dealer.

  • Whenever a player wins a bet on the banker, the casino takes a commission. This is because the banker has an advantage of 1.06%.

  • The player receives the first and third cards dealt and the banker receives the second and fourth cards dealt.

  • The bank will always draw on a total of zero to two. The bank stands on seven.

  • Come prepared with a bankroll of 20 to 50 units - maybe $5 per unit. Baccarat is a high limit game and you may need to hundreds at risk at any given time.

  • Use a scorecard when you start a game and keep track of every decision and bet using p for player and b for bank.

  • Make single unit bets for the first 20 or 30 hands.

  • Always observe how the game progresses during these 20 or 30 hands and watch for trends in the game.

  • Try betting back and forth between player and bank in succession. Look for signs that the game is on a choppy short-term streak like P, P, P, P, B, P, B, B, B, B.

  • The bet with the best odds of winning is a bet on the banker. The chance of winning is 44.61%. Since this is the best bet a baccarat player can make the house charges you a 5% commission on your winnings.

  • The worst bet you can make is a bet on a tie. It has the worst odds and the casino advantage on this bet is 14%. However, if you win, a tie will pay 1 to 8. Some places will pay out at 1 to 9, but the bet is still not recommended.

  • Forget any baccarat systems. There isnít any that will improve your odds against the casino, so donít waste your money.

  • Keep an eye on your bankroll, so that when you leave the table you have enough to pay the 5% commission on your winning bets on the banker.

The most important tip from our collection of baccarat tips is: the secret of winning at baccarat is to stop while you are ahead. Gambling on baccarat will catch up with you in the long run. You wonít walk away a winner if you donít learn to quit and walk away with your money.

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