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Baccarat Terms

If you are a gambler and haven’t yet had the chance to try less common casino games like baccarat you should make yourself familiar with some of the terms you’ll hear spoken during a game of baccarat. You may have already heard of a number of these words before, I’m sure there are some you haven’t heard before.

Baccarat - the name of the game. Means zero in Italian and is the worst hand you can get in a game of baccarat.

Baccarat en Banque - a variation of Baccarat

Banker Bet - a bet that the banker’s hand will win.

Banco - another word for bank. A player can challenge the bank’s entire bankroll by announcing “Banco” - usually only in private games.

Bankroll - all the money you bring to a game.

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Chemin-de-fer - a variation of Baccarat. French for “railroad’.

Cheval - a rule in some games where a player can play 2 hands and must win both to win the round. If one hand wins and one loses, it’s a tie.

Commission - if you bet on the banker and win the house takes a 5% commission.

Coup - one round of a game of baccarat.

Croupier - A French word for dealer.

Dealer - the casino employee to handles the cards and takes and pays out player wagers.

Down Card - A card that is face down.

Face Cards - a jack, queen or king in any suit.

High Roller - someone who makes big bets.

House Edge - The advantage of the casino gained by paying out less than the odds.

Le Grande - the highest possible hand in baccarat is 9. French for big.

Mini-baccarat - A variation of baccarat using a smaller table.

Muck - the stack of burned and folded cards near the dealer.

Natural - the total of the first two cards total 8 or 9.

Palette - a long flat paddle used to move cards around the table.

Petite - A hand with a total of 8. French for “small”.

Player Bet - A bet that the player’s hand will win.

Punto Banco - Another name for baccarat.

Punto - Player.

Railroad - a variation of baccarat, or chemin de fer.

Shoe - a box that contains multiple decks of cards, from which cards are dealt.

Shooter - a slang term for the bank.

Shuffle Up - when the dealer prematurely shuffles the cards.

Standoff - a tie when the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand have the same total.

Streak - a series of wins or losses.

Super Pan Nine - another variation of baccarat.

Tie Bet - a bet that the player’s hand and the banks hand will have the same total.

VIP - a high roller or other very important person.

Upcard - a card that is face up.

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