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Baccarat Systems

If you search the Internet for “baccarat system” you find all kinds of sites offering to sell you a sure-fire baccarat system guaranteed to help you beat the casino. You should keep in mind that baccarat is purely a game of chance. All casinos adjust the rules of the game to make beating the odds virtually impossible.

There are only three bets available to players in baccarat and all three bets have negative expectations for players. The casino edge on the three bets in American baccarat are as follows:
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- A player’s hand bet: 1.29%
- A banker’s hand bet: 1.01%
- A bet on a tie hand: 15.75%

If you bet only on the player’s hand you are going to lose about $1.29 of every $100 bet. It is possible to win a hand, but in the long run the casino will always come out ahead.

What exactly is a baccarat system? If you can’t change the rules and you are not cheating you can follow a set of rules for making betting decisions based only on the following information:

- The results of the play in prior hands or a certain number of prior hands.
- The wagers you have made on these hands.

If you take into consideration that baccarat has an inherent negative expectation for the player, no mathematical system will help you win against the casino in the long run.

The reason that math can not help you in this game is that it is impossible to predict the next winning hand. If you follow the rules, there is nothing you can do to change the odds with math being the foundation of this and most other casino games.

Can you gain an edge through card counting? Card counting doesn’t work for baccarat. This has been proven by Dr. Edward O. Thorp’s research and described in “The Mathematics of Gambling”.

Buying A Baccarat System?

There are hundreds of sites that sell baccarat and other game systems that are supposed to help you beat the casino. You see statements like “you don’t need a big bankroll or years of experience to be a consistent winner - anyone can do it.”

Do baccarat systems like this actually work? If you look at the math and use your common sense, you’ll find the answer.

- thousands of sites offer to sell baccarat systems. If anyone with $30 or $50 can buy a system that will beat the casino, why hasn’t everyone bought it and put the casinos out of business?
- If someone invents an unbeatable baccarat system, why would I sell it and risk the casinos changing the rules?

Many people make money selling baccarat systems. They make lots of money and people who buy it ignore the truth and focus on the possibility of making easy money.

The best advice we can give you is to forget baccarat systems and find a good strategy.

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